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Zorhine here to help with all your roleplay needs! My mascot is myself and the lovely Allison Harvard.

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How to Play a Classy Character

Ever have to play a chara thats supposed to be classy, but you just have no idea how to even begin trying to play a chara that has class? Well, heres how to be classy. Being classy is not about being stuck up. Your chara needs to cultivate respect. And that means respect for everyone, including your own chara. Take care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. Make sure your chara is confident about themselves.

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Titles for Smut Paras

Whenever I see a smut para on the dash, more often than not the title is very generic and boring, such as “Just Friends”, “Friends with Benefits”, “Heating Up”, or something along those lines. I want to see more creativity when it comes to naming your smut paras, so here is a list of 172 titles for your smut paras.

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Para Titles:


Under the cut is 800+ possible para titles. Like this if you use. Only reblog if you’re an RPC/H/A/W.

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Setting ideas for para starters


Oh, no. It’s that time, again. You have to write a starter for a fellow role player and you don’t know where to set the damn narrative in. In the woods? In a coffee shop? In the hospital? If you’re lucky, your partner will pick a starting point for the para but if you think about it, somebody has to think about where to begin the story.

Some stories have set settings but for those who don’t and are in need for ideas, here are some links to get your noggins going. But before I do, here are some of the ideas of places people have been known to meet.

  • At the 3 pm matinee at a movie theater on a day you’ve randomly decided to ditch work. (How About We)
  • At a record store, looking for your favorite vintage Broadway Original Cast Recordings cool bands. (How About We)
  • On a long bus ride, probably Bolt Bus, which is populated by young riders, or the Hampton Jitney. (How About We)

Here are the links for more ideas. I know they’re targeted for those looking for a relationship but friendships will do just fine.

Some strange places because hey, life is one confusing adventure.

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110 para titles. They’re either song titles or inspired by song titles. There’s no repeats that I know of. Like or reblog if you found it helpful, please. And excuse the shitty graphic pls and thank

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Quick gif starters masterlist.


Made for more personal reasons, since I suck at coming up with a decent starter. These are just masterlists that I liked, all containing starters that I could potentially use for my own characters. Make sure you like the posts you use.

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How to Have a Witty Conversation

Being witty is a good way to use your intelligence and knowledge to amuse people and enliven conversations. It can also be an impressive flirting tool! Everyone loves rping with a person who has their wits about them, and it’s especially effective if you’re witty enough to make others feel witty as well. I’ll show you a few ways to do that.

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keepingupwithonedirection-rp said:
Hello! We are a One Direction RP (A spin off of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) where the members of One Direction are reunited, for the first time in years, after they called it quits during their stadium tour! They're placed in a house with exes, friends, family, and enemies! We would love to have some apps! Especially because our Zayn is still open! Could we please get a shout out? It would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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thecatcherxintherye said:
Hi, we're a new novel based roleplay with characters taken from both modern and classic books, and we'd adore if we could get a shout out! We're just opening and we still have plenty of characters to be taken as well as posted soon. Thank you!

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lost-tales-rp-deactivated201312 said:
Greetings and salutations! We’re a brand new Disney RP with a dark twist. As of right now, we’re in need of a bio admin and graphic/html admin. In order to earn such, we would like to ask if you could please give us a shout out? It would be of great help to us. Thank you so much in advance!

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